How do we approach things?


Every piece of software that we develop, big or small, is treated with the same professionalism and thoroughness. Whether the challenge is big or small we follow methodologies that has been refined various times and proven to deliver projects that are on time, on budget and that involve not only the our customers, but their clients as well.

Project management

Full project management is performed on all projects. For more information please visit our project management page.

Software Development

On software development projects we follow strict agile processes. Rubixile and its partner CS Interactive Training has developed an agile software development methodology. This methodology is being utilized in our management of projects and will soon be packaged as a product.

The methodology focuses on eliminating rework between Analysis (Requirements management, Information modeling, Design (User Interface and Data and Process design), Development, Testing and Implementation phases of software development. The product will be hosted in the cloud and allow team to work from a repository housing a single truth of information.